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Using renewable forest resources and modern technologies, we produce paper for corrugated packaging, printing of newspapers, books and textbooks, in order to support growing needs of the e-commerce industry and education systems around the world.

Corporate values of Volga JSC

Leadership and continuous development We are striving to become a trendsetter in the development of our industry. Based on the experience of many generations of paper mills, the Company is mastering new technologies for the manufacture of paper products.
Reliability and high service customer service We are focused on long-term customer relationships based on trust and responsibility. The accumulated experience in logistics, innovative equipment, as well as high quality of finished products help us to provide a consistently high quality of the finished product.
Teamwork The strength of our team of professionals lies in mutual support. To achieve the best results, we are committed to dedication and compromise.
Compliance and Security In the course of our activity, we flawlessly fulfill all the requirements of labor protection, industrial and fire safety, as well as environmental legislation.
Social responsibility We believe that the success of the Company is tightly linked to the development of the local area and the society as a whole, therefore we make sure that our business strategies are a socially responsible. In carrying out its activities, our Company contributes to the development of the regional economy as well as the pulp and paper industry in Russia.

Corporate Identity Guide JSC Volga