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Environmental responsibility Green technologies Environmental policy Operational transparency

Environmental responsibility

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Volga JSC considers environmental protection activities as an integral part of its daily work, fully realizing the importance of maintaining ecological balance in the region.

As a result of the environmental policy at the enterprise over the past ten years, there has been a decrease in the volume of water consumption and wastewater disposal, and the total harmful emissions from the plant's activities have decreased 12 times!

More than 95% of wood is converted into products. Production waste is used as a renewable energy source. All the bark-wood production waste generated as a result of the plant's activities is disposed of to obtain thermal energy, and the ash generated as a result of waste incineration does not pose a threat to environmental pollution, as it returns back to the technological cycle.

At the end of their life cycle, the Company's products become a source of raw materials for reuse. Currently, the technological process uses about 5.5% recycled waste fiber. At the same time, the Company's strategy is to increase its share up to 28%.

Green technologies

The Company pays great attention to the environmental characteristics of raw materials, improving energy efficiency of equipment, carrying out serious work on the disposal of production waste, and supporting various environmental initiatives.

In its activities, Volga JSC is governed by the 3R Rule, namely:

  • reducing the amount of waste (Reduce);
  • reusing secondary material resources (Reuse);
  • multiple use of resources (Recycle).

This strategy made it possible for the Company to:

recyle of waste;
reuse of water;
capture of emissions by gas cleaning plants;
treat of industrial storm waste water at the 5-stage biological treatment facility.

Environmental policy

Volga JSC has approved and is currently implementing the «Environmental Policy».

Volga's environmental policy is based on the following principles:

  • the principle of compliance – ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements in the field of environmental safety and environmental protection;
  • the principle of consistent improvement – a system of actions to maintain a high level of environmental logical security based on the use of the best available technologies;
  • the principle of preventing adverse impacts – a system of preventive actions aimed at preventing hazardous environmental impacts;
  • the principle of readiness – a system of measures to maintain the constant readiness of the personnel to prevent and eliminate emergencies of a natural or man-made nature;
  • the principle of consistency – an integral solution aimed at ensuring environmental safety and protection based on modern methods of analyzing environmental risks;
  • the principle of transparency –the availability of environmental information, openness and effective information communication between the enterprise and the public.

Operational transparency

Volga JSC prepares a complete set of accounting documentation for all areas of activity in the field of ecology, responds to all requests from executive authorities and residents of the business region, regularly conducts excursions to the production sites, including in online format for schoolchildren, students from other regions, conducts internships for students of leading colleges of universities of the country.

The company is one of the three leaders according to the Russian Rating of the Most Information-Transparent Forestry Companies. The degree of transparency of Volga JSC is an important part of its corporate governance system.

The Company regularly carries out measures to save electricity, takes care of nature, rational uses the resources and pays great attention to the environmental characteristics of raw materials, increases the energy efficiency of equipment, carries out serious work on the disposal of production waste, and supports various environmental initiatives.

Volga JSC traditionally initiates actions aimed at improving the environmental situation at the Company's facilities, including the region of its presence as a whole. Among them are the annual planting of spruce and pine seedlings by employees and veterans of the enterprise as part of the FSC-Friday international holiday, contributing to the greening of the city of Balakhna and Balakhna district.