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Development strategy

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Volga JSC develops and implements solutions within the framework of sustainable development based on renewable raw materials and taking into account reused resources that ensure an optimal balance between the Company's business interests and the needs of society in order to preserve the environment.

In 2020, Volga JSC adopted a new development strategy, the priorities of which were to increase the productivity of the enterprise, to realize the potential of existing production, and increase the operational efficiency.

The horizon of the development strategy was expanded until 2028, and key trends in the next decade were outlined, including the maintenance of global trends in the pulp and paper industry. The Company's strategic vision is to diversify its product portfolio and raw materials.


The strategy includes the modernization of the entire enterprise, starting from production facilities to logistics and IT infrastructure. One of the main directions is to maintain competitive positions in the prime cost due to the providing its own electricity to the Company in order to completely cover its needs.

As part of the strategy, an ecological program to reduce the Company's adverse impact on the environment will be implemented.